Our requirements to our mutual success

Key to success


Smart leaders attract smart teams.

Large Markets

Address existing markets poised for rapid growth or change. Stealth and speed will usually help beat out larger competitors.


Target customers who move fast and pay premium for a unique offering. Customers will only buy a simple product with singular value proposition. Choose the thing that is of burning importance to the customer then conquer them with a compelling solution.


Focus spending on what's critical. Spend only on priorities and maximize profitability. Start only with little money. It strengthens discipline and focus. A huge market yearning for a product developed by great engineers requires very little firepower.

Writing a business plan

The best business plan presents a lot of information in as few words as possible.

-Define the business in a single declarative sentence.

-Describe the pain of the customer. Outline how they address the issue today.

-Your value proposition and the magic of your product. Show where your product physically sits.

-Define  recent trends that make your solution possible.

- Profile your customer. Calculate market size: TAM, SAM and SOM.

-List competitors and your competitive advantages.

-Product functionality, features, architecture and intellectual property.

-Business model: revenue model, pricing, lifetime value, sales & distribution model.

-Team skills and expertise: founders & managers.

-Finance: P&L, balance, cash flow, cap table, the deal.